George Morris……..A legend?


George gave me the great opportunity to follow him around this past winter season in Wellington, Florida to watch, listen, and learn as he went about riding, teaching, and living life! In the couple months of observation there was no secret to his success or a legendary man behind the horseman, but quite refreshingly just a man! A man who is still working hard and paying his dues to reap the benefits of mastery of a profession.  

We would be walking around the show grounds and countless people would be star struck, want a picture, etc of George and as long as time allowed he always said yes! It was always funny when one of those people would say something like,”George your a legend!” He would smile for the picture and we would keep walking. Walking away i could see a little grimace on his face and he would go on to question, “a legend?” “What is that?” “Why do people say that?”    

True confusion sets in his mind by these statements of him. He really didn’t like when people said these things because they act like its something unattainable to all others. In reality, little by little through out his whole life he has been working towards bettering himself through horses, its as simple as that. People don’t realize this is all obtainable to every person pursuing their passion or working at bettering themselves a little bit everyday and the compounding effect can be simply brilliant!

If this isn’t a great leadership lesson to all then your truly blind and you must become aware. There are so many lessons in that simple experience i can’t begin to touch on them all.  

What George emulates is true mastery and the endless pursuit of improving oneself through their passion. No secrets, just dedicated time to education, application, and reflection every day.  I’m not saying any bit of his path was easy because it was not, but the tougher and more struggle he came up against the more driven he became.  Consuming more books, reflecting on past mentors, riding more horses, and dedicating more time to his passion.  He continully would tell me how he couldn’t wait to start the next day because of everything he learned from the current day, admitting he had been doing something so subtly incorrect for years. That is why he keeps waking up in the morning, to get a little bit better!  

George has been a huge positive influence on my life as a mentor, friend, and most of all a great person. George’s mastery goes far beyond horses, he is a great example of total package success that is so rare to find. Success that isn’t just professional, but an example of his entire being.  

Thank you George for allowing me to observe and for being a great mentor to me. I know if we never saw or talked to each other again, I will be talking about all the priceless lessons i learned from you for the rest of my life.   


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