Kathleen Kurre – Founder of Fusion Advisors, LLC

Tyler Klees, Horses and You, A Personal View

The way I look at life is that we come as a “packaged deal” of spirit, mind, body, and emotions. Being with a horse, loving me and the horse, riding and learning lights up every aspect of my being. For all of us who love horses, it is a definite call from our spirit. That being said, my body has to be able to do it – the first time and all the next times. My mind gets to learn, ask questions, and put all the pieces together. And as for my emotions, let’s just say they move through their full range of delight, excitement, fear, frustration, then back to patience and love.

What I know about teachers – those who work with people and horses – is that the more they understand us, understand the horse, and understand themselves, the better they are. It is a talented, intuitive person who can “do” and “teach” what they know. This is Tyler.

I’ve known Tyler since he began working at the C Lazy U Ranch. I’ve watched him learn, teach, and interact with horses and people. He brings the best of his best to his work – as both a teacher and student for horsemanship.

For example, irrespective of where we start or where the horse starts, we need someone who will take us on the journey from here, one step at a time. Over the years, Tyler has shown the ability to begin where the horse and the rider are. This is a gift. Secondly, Tyler teaches from his knowledge and experience: he teaches “what” to do, while understanding what it takes to do it across our full range of spirit, body, mind and emotions – whether it’s us or the horse.

Finally, being with a horse and ourselves is an emotional journey – filled with intensity and joy. Tyler knows and is committed to the intensity we bring to learn and expand our expertise. What makes the journey wonderful is his joyful sense of humor. His love for what he does, his ability to translate it all into laughter at just the right time reminds us of the joy of life – with ourselves and the horses.

Thanks for asking!


Kathleen Kurre


Kathleen Kurre is an accomplished executive, entrepreneur, social entrepreneur, and teacher. The founder of Fusion Advisors, LLC (www.fusionadvisors.com) uses her leadership as a source of inspire;on for individuals and organizations all over the world as she influences them to live as leaders and realize their potential. Through innova;ve teachings, ideas, and ground breaking concepts, she shows how to take on challenges towards beJer decision making and a more fulfilling life.

Kathleen embodies lifelong learning. She is a Phi Beta Kappa that has a B.S. in Mathema;cs from Purdue University along with a Masters of Divinity from the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking, and ongoing student in leadership, wellness, and conscious living. She is writing her first book Awakening Awareness.


Noel Pompa – Outdoor Adventure Based Trainer

From: Noel Pompa, Outdoor Adventure Based Trainer RE: Tyler Klees
Date: January 17, 2014

I have known Tyler Klees for four years. During the first year I certified Tyler as a ROPES facilitator (Reality Oriented Physical Experiential Services). For the next successive three years, I have recertified him in the same field. I have mentored him during these past four years and followed his successful progress in this field.

This young man is one of the brightest, most success driven person I have known in my 25 years of experiential education. He continuously seeks new and difficult challenges which have expanded his personal growth in the field. He is an energetic and enthusiastic facilitator with good critical thinking skills. I have observed on many occasions how Tyler has impacted people’s lives in a positive and safe manner. I am very confident in his facilitation skills and can entrust him with any task assigned to him due to his dependability and his drive to get things done right. He is a dependable, eager hard worker and I have no hesitation in recommending him for any position he is seeking. I have complete confidence that Tyler would be an asset to any organization he becomes a part of due to his outstanding leadership abilities.

If you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to provide any information that you need.

Noel Pompa

David Craig – General Manager, C Lazy U Ranch

January 16, 2014

To Whom It May Concern:

I’d like to offer a few words of support on behalf of Tyler Klees. I’ve known Tyler in various roles I’ve held at the C Lazy U ranch over the last five years, the most recent as General Manager. Tyler has been the Assistant Head Wrangler at the ranch during that period and had performed the role in an exemplary manner.

Tyler is an exceptional horseman and he loves what he does. He takes great pride in his skills and is constantly refining his abilities. Not only does Tyler seem to spend every waking moment on his horse perfecting his trade but he has also invested in professional education to further his experience. I’ve always been impressed that Tyler will spend all day at work on a horse and then spend his breaks and free time after work back on a horse. His commitment is without equal.

Tyler not only perfects his own skills but he is also very adept at training and conditioning the horses of others. He has been a valued part of our team particularly when it comes to ensuring that new horses added to our herd are safe for lesser- experienced riders to use. With a herd of over 185 preparing our string for the busy summer season is no small feat and he accomplishes this task with grace and enthusiasm. Tyler’s vast experience is significant and it is not uncommon for horse owners to ask Tyler to ride their horse to diagnose potential problems.

Tyler’s skill level is not limited to horses. He is an accomplished barn manager and is adept at the wide variety of responsibilities required therein; roping, fencing, feeding, medical care. His sharp wit and enthusiastic personality make him enjoyable to be around. He is comfortable offering clinics to novices or experts and does so cheerfully and with a high-energy tempo.

I recommend Tyler wholeheartedly for whatever endeavor he might undertake and encourage you to give him serious consideration. His personality and skills make him enjoyable to be around and would likely be of great value to your family or organization. Please do not hesitate to contact me with additional questions or concerns.


David Craig General Manager