Over the past couple of years I have been traveling a lot and fortunate enough to be working with a vast array of horses and people.  These events have led me to the process of simplification through necessity.  Now that the wild ride of the summer is over, I can see how the specific simplification in certain areas has now benefited my entire life.

 In the process of simplification what ultimately seems to be happening is the diminishing of stress by focusing more on the positives and relinquishing the negatives. In return, this helps clarify what’s important so that one can act on it. 

Teaching horsemanship has shown me the importance of simplifying in order to better help others understand the teaching without feeling that it is unattainable.  If they are given too many details and in depth information, people become overwhelmed and shut down, but by simplifying the information a person stays interested and maintains a sense of understanding along the way.  This allows room for the person to grow at their own pace and allows questions to form in their own mind which is necessary for their future progression as they become more aware.  Most importantly, by simplifying you are able to continue having fun while progressing and not drive yourself and your horse crazy.  

Traveling has taught me the benefits of the essentials and basics.  How much stuff do you really need to pack for a trip?  After packing and unpacking, moving from house to house, the benefits of a simple living style make travel as easy as tacking up my horse everyday.  Get rid of the huge wardrobes and unnecessary extras, unclutter the unnecessary junk from your life that just takes up time and space.  

One of the best things about living simply is the reduction of problems.  The more stuff you  have and the more complicated life becomes, the more problems that occur and the more time you spend in crisis management.  Don’t become a patch job junky, living in crisis management until complete deterioration occurs. Take control by fixing properly the essentials you have and getting rid of the rest.  This will allow you to prepare and plan for the bigger picture, while not wasting time and energy by just barely staying afloat.  Get ahead and stay ahead!

As you start simplifying each part of your life, you start to notice the benefits it brings to the rest of your life.  For me it brings less stress and more joy through more meaningful time spent on the things I love.  Simplifying brings great clarity in my thinking, reflecting, and listening where before I may have struggled to focus.  

Simplifying can mean a whole different thing to another person, but to me simplifying is being in a state of living based on essentials.  A common saying in the philosophy of horsemanship is “less is more”; by having less I am able to focus more on what is really important in life.  Live simply by cutting out negatives in order to focus more on the positives!  What does simplifying your life look like?

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