Emulate, Never Idolize

DSC_0018Whenever a person starts to idolize another human they put a lid on their own potential, condemning themselves to acting and doing everything like their idol. This forever holds that person one step below their idol because they think they can never reach the idol’s level.  
Instead of idolizing, emulate the good qualities and look up to that person as a teacher. Always respect your teachers and be the best student you can, but never stop questioning your own opinions of everything along the way. You may never get there, but at least you’re leaving the door open to the possibility of surpassing them with a lifetime dedicated to the art of your deep seeded passion and individual growth. 

Through continuous study, application, and reflection, your idols themselves continued growing a little bit every day, working hard to reach their current level of mastery. There is no such thing as overnight success, only overnight recognition of the prior work someone has put forth to master an art form.  

Don’t worry about where you end up, act on what you can do to grow in the moment while keeping your dreams of your future open to change. By becoming aware of who you want to be, you become conscious of who you are on a day-to-day basis. From there you’re able to figure out why some days you stagnate and others you succeed, and you learn from both scenarios. Understanding the reasons for both will allow you to know what helped you succeed or what caused you to fall short. When you apply this knowledge to tomorrow’s efforts, you will continue to grow! 

Find the best teachers you can and follow them back through history. Learn to emulate their great examples and apply what works for you with dreams of adding to the legacy of the art form you’re pursuing. 

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