Surround Yourself


I had the privilege of growing up around great family, friends, and mentors that have formed me into whatever I am today and will become down the road. That will always be the basis of influence into which I was born, but since I have moved away it has become a motive for me to surround myself with new people – people that represent the core values I want to have, people I look up to, people who are positive, people who are straight up with me, people who I enjoy being around, people that I consider mentors. Why is this so important? Because whoever you surround yourself with will have a major influence on who you become.

Someday I want to become a great horseman, but more importantly I want to be a good person. I want to be a person who people meet and want to be like. If I ever reach that point in my life with horses and people without having great morals and values, would I be a good representation of the horse, horsemen before me, and most importantly, the people I surrounded myself with all along the way? If I can’t stand behind that, well then I shouldn’t be a person whom others would ever emulate.

I believe now more than ever people need a leader to look up to, to aspire to, and to want to be like! If I can’t be that person leading my own life, well then how am I supposed to lead those who look up to me?

Think long and hard about the people you are currently surrounding yourself with, for whether you know it or not they are influencing you. Are the people you are surrounded with a positive influence or a negative one? What type of people are your closest friends? Who do you look up to and why do you look up to them? This all matters and is very important to your future. Don’t be oblivious to it any longer, take control of your life by figuring out who or what you want to be and take the steps to surround yourself with those people, whether it be in your mind through books, audio tapes, posters, videos or through physical presence. Weed out the negatives and surround yourself with the positives!

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