A Long Trot


Have you ever become consumed by perfecting the smallest little details when you’re riding a lot? Something that really seems to help me get past this frame of mind is a long trot. I’m not talking about a little trot around the arena, I’m thinking more of a minimum of 5 miles. For me, this seems to really clear my mind of the small details and leaves me with just the feel of the horse. It is funny the thoughts that come to mind on these journeys when I’m letting go of the details for a second and just enjoying the ride. A long trot is a great way to really just go with your horse and clear your mind of all the movements that may have been taking total control of your mental state.

This tactic not only clears your mind of all prior engagements with the horse, but it really gives you a sense of how the horse moves on its own. Give your horse a nice loose rein and let him pick the speed. The only thing you do is just go with the horse as long as he are on course. Allow him to pick the speed and gate in which he would like to travel while being aware of how he is moving. When I say “moving”, I mean it in the sense of what lead, how smooth are the transition, are they traveling straight, are they sound, am I in time with the horses feet, etc.

After going on these occasional long trots, I come back refreshed with a better understanding of the horse. It almost hits the reset button to start over, and I let go of previous areas of imperfection.

Application to Daily Life:

Do you ever feel like you occasionally get bogged down or frustrated by the small details of something you’re really working at? I know I do on a pretty regular basis. Maybe your version of the long trot is a short break to walk, hike, or run in which you can hit your reset button. Let your mind take a step back to refocus by letting go for a second.  Let ideas flow rapidly and follow them!  You may even want to bring a little note pad to write down some of your ideas that may spring up on the long trot.  Hopefully you will feel refreshed and full of creativity to explore new territory when you return.

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