Bucks Hayden Clinic: Good to be called out on my problems!


Was just in Hayden Colorado in which I learned a lot. Another layer has been pulled back and I was graciously exposed to all. I was on a younger horse who made some great changes in-spite of me being to busy and annoying to him.

My greatest inner battle in the clinic, or working with clients horses, is trying to make my them proud and happy with the progress. In the process I am working with the horse at light speed trying to make him a finished horse in a day. You can imagine how that turns out for both parties. I become hyper-focused on minuet details and the horse despises me for trying to micromanage him.

That is where Buck called me out several times in a very necessary manner. I had been stuck in the rut of thinking the more active I was, the more I was getting accomplished. Finally realizing after being called out and from watching Buck for three clinics on his Colorado tour that it’s not how active, but more or less at how accurate you are with your horse. Bringing me to the term less is more once again.

It is something he has been preaching for ever but it became personal in the clinic allowing me to really step back and rethink everything. I hope that I have had a break through on this very thing that will progress me lightyears forward or if I don’t it will keep me in a continual state of regression.

Others have been hinting towards this with out directly calling me out and even I knew it, but didn’t know where the change had to be made. Then a light bulb finally came on. Hopefully I am able to build on this or perhaps collapse under myself. Time will tell, but I’m excited for the future and every horse in it.

Thank you to those around who let me find this on my terms for I know it probably drove you all nuts watching me with out saying a direct word towards me. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you just letting me work at it and search on my own. Thanks to Buck for calling me out several times to allow me to really soak on it!

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