David Craig – General Manager, C Lazy U Ranch

January 16, 2014

To Whom It May Concern:

I’d like to offer a few words of support on behalf of Tyler Klees. I’ve known Tyler in various roles I’ve held at the C Lazy U ranch over the last five years, the most recent as General Manager. Tyler has been the Assistant Head Wrangler at the ranch during that period and had performed the role in an exemplary manner.

Tyler is an exceptional horseman and he loves what he does. He takes great pride in his skills and is constantly refining his abilities. Not only does Tyler seem to spend every waking moment on his horse perfecting his trade but he has also invested in professional education to further his experience. I’ve always been impressed that Tyler will spend all day at work on a horse and then spend his breaks and free time after work back on a horse. His commitment is without equal.

Tyler not only perfects his own skills but he is also very adept at training and conditioning the horses of others. He has been a valued part of our team particularly when it comes to ensuring that new horses added to our herd are safe for lesser- experienced riders to use. With a herd of over 185 preparing our string for the busy summer season is no small feat and he accomplishes this task with grace and enthusiasm. Tyler’s vast experience is significant and it is not uncommon for horse owners to ask Tyler to ride their horse to diagnose potential problems.

Tyler’s skill level is not limited to horses. He is an accomplished barn manager and is adept at the wide variety of responsibilities required therein; roping, fencing, feeding, medical care. His sharp wit and enthusiastic personality make him enjoyable to be around. He is comfortable offering clinics to novices or experts and does so cheerfully and with a high-energy tempo.

I recommend Tyler wholeheartedly for whatever endeavor he might undertake and encourage you to give him serious consideration. His personality and skills make him enjoyable to be around and would likely be of great value to your family or organization. Please do not hesitate to contact me with additional questions or concerns.


David Craig General Manager

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