Patient Preperation



Over the past year I have been experimenting with lead changes. I am not talking about changes with the huge lunging front legs or over an obstacle, I’m talking about changes where the only factor changing is the lead they are on. The only thing a spectator would notice is a change of leads, but looking at the rest of the horse and rider there is no change visible to the naked eye!

I have achieved a few of these changes, but what followed was a dark period due to my greedy need for perfection. I believe I have gained some insight into how to influence a change, in the end having to spend weeks fixing what I screwed up. Instead of using those perfect changes to my benefit, I used them for my demise. The real reason for the changes was preparation and patience, not something that I was doing to make the change happen.

I am respectively humbled by patience and preparation. It never fails that my need for perfection and timely progression get the best of me. Greediness comes over me; a little taste of success makes me want perfection in changes every time. In return I am greeted by more issues that I have created. With each progression and failure, one thing has been consistently confirmed, the benefit of patient preparation.

My journey has come to countless roadblocks where I struggle to push forward because I know I could make things worse, at least for a bit. I hope I can overcome my failed experiments to bring myself to a higher level, but I don’t know that. I would rather be the person doing too much and finding the limits or boundaries of the horse than always doing too little and never learning the mental limits of the horse. I will reach many more setbacks, but I believe over time I will overcome them with patient preparation!

Application to Daily Life:
In your life I am sure you reach your own road blocks with yourself, others, or your job. With those road blocks there seems to be a “point of no return” mindset in which you know you could fail and in doing so make your life a little harder than it was due to the change itself. I challenge you to take that leap, for the real failure would be not to experiment and learn to break through your current barriers. Unless, of course, you are satisfied with staying where you are for the rest of your life?

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