Short Serpentine Tip


Have you ever had a horse that really struggles connecting within the short serpentine?  A little trick I have been using to help horses find and connect to the short serpentine has been to approach it on a steep hillside or uneven terrain.  Some horses that I have come across really struggle on flat ground to connect to the short serpentine correctly, but if you take them onto a steep hillside or uneven terrain they become a little bit more intuitive on where they place their feet and why.

The main time I have come across this is with horses that have been previously “trained” on.  Horses that flip their head upside down when you’re looking for lateral flexion or horses that look left when you’re going right – no bueno.  These types of horses need more incentive to search for the correct movements.

I encourage you to try this technique if you’re really struggling to get your horse to find the short serpentine.  If you’re struggling to feel the reaching front foot this exercise accentuates the reaching front foot with forward life.  Give it a whirl, and I hope if nothing else it gives you a good idea of how to run some experiments of your own to help the horse better understand what you are trying to communicate to them.


Application to daily life:

If you’re struggling to make a breakthrough in an area of current struggle, begin to think of a different approach that can be taken, experiment with finding a new solution to an old problem.  In doing so, remember to approach these situations in a calm collected frame of mind and not in a frustrated state where your emotions take over and alter your desired outcome.  Be patient and keep exploring to make some significant breakthroughs in your life!

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