Progression Process Summary



  • Become aware of the mental and physical state of yourself and others
  • Always question yourself first before ever questioning others
  • The most important underlying question is always, “How can I best meet others needs in a way that is most pleasing to them?”
  • Question Everything


  • Break down experiences in this order: Present, Past, Ideal Future, and that of your Mentors
  • Identify the good and bad experiences
  • Question why the good or bad experiences took place
  • Conceptualize to improve on the good or bad experiences in the future


  • Find a subject in which you want to intentionally learn more about
  • Find the best in the field of interest
  • Dedicate time every day to these specific areas
  • Find a mentor to help speed up the access to great information


  • Use Different Approaches based upon your questions, reflections, and studies
  • Experiment in the moment based upon prior questions, reflections, and studies.
  • Embrace struggle, don’t fear failure and take risks within the boundaries of safety


  • Repeat the whole process
  • Experiences may be similar, but never exactly the same


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