Progression Process: Repeat, Part 6


The last piece of the progression process is repetition – not repetition in the sense of repeating the same thing over and over, but repetition of the whole progression process.  If you’re going through the process correctly, you should be viewing each encounter with horses, whether it’s yours or someone else’s, differently than the last.  The experiences may be similar, but never exactly the same.


Repeat the progression process with each new experience and don’t be shy about going into the past to reapply the process to old experiences.  As you progress your views will change, along with your skills and knowledge.  As long as you can remember experiences in detail, you can always continue learning from the past.  I encourage you to give a great deal of thought towards new and past experiences in order to get the most out of them.


Application to daily life:

Take initiative and become intentional in your progression.  No matter what you’re doing, there is always room for continual growth, whether it be in your communication, relationships, leadership, etc.  Find an area of passion or interest to which to apply the progression process this week.


If you need help or have questions please leave a comment on this page.


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