Progression Process: Plan of Action, Part 5


There are three main points to having a plan of action that will help lead you to progression.


-Different approach

A person needs a different approach from their previous failures and successes in order to improve their skills based on the other three steps of the progression process: questioning, reflection, and study. This allows a person to come up with a plan different from their past experiences which will help the horse to understand better what the human is trying to communicate to them.


-Experimenting in the moment

The greatest asset a person can obtain is the ability to experiment spontaneously based on the dedicated study and reflection of past experiences.  This simply means that you accept the fact that you have no control but are able to try new things based on your past success and failures in order to best deal with the situation at hand.  By experimenting, a person can accept failure and success because they are willing to risk the current situation in order to improve all situations in the future.  In a way, it sums up the word progression!


-Embrace struggle and keep trying

Not all of your experiments and plans will succeed, but even in failure you should be learning what to do and what not to do in the future.  As long as you are ok with this aspect and keep trying, breakthroughs will come.  For me personally, it seems like right when I think I have hit an eternal road block in my progression, at the darkest moment for my mental state, I keep on trying and come out on the other side with a great understanding of myself, my horsemanship, and the horse.  These are the greatest moments, worth every second of struggle along the way.  Embrace the struggle and keep on trying.


In summary, you can’t be afraid to progress through experimentation based upon one’s cumulative experiences in order to further your skills and knowledge for the future.  In doing so, you will experience struggles that are necessary for future success.  What matters most is that you keep progressing your horse and yourself in a way that best suits the two of you.  If it isn’t fun for your horse or yourself, you can pretty much guarantee you’re not on the right track.  Start experimenting!

Now a great way everyone can put this to use is to find a person you have a negative opinion about for whatever reason.  You see this person and cringe inside just thinking about them.  Now I want you to picture this person as a true friend who has endured or is enduring a great struggle similar to your own struggles.  Think of your greatest struggles in life and picture that person going through them right this moment.  Does this change your outlook on that person? Can you relate to them? Do you want to offer a helping hand?  You have no clue of the struggles a person is currently going through or has gone through in the past, so try experimenting with your mindset towards others and see how it affects your life and those around you.

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