Progression Process


There seems to have been a process, which is still being refined, that I have come across in the progress I hopefully have made on my journey.  This process could also be a different form of the quote from the greats: Observe, Remember, Compare, and Adjust.  This is merely a different perspective to which others may be able to relate.

Question Everything
– Self, Others, Adjust, Follow Through
Reflect to Collect
– Situation, Similar Situations, Mentors
Dedicated Study
– Research, Specific Subject Matter, Self
Plan of Action
– Experiments, Different Approach
– Success or Failure, Keep Progressing

Whether I’m dealing with horses or people, this process usually ensures progression.  In order for this to work for me, I hold myself accountable to a high level of expectation in all situations. I have also devoted a lot of time to deliberate practice. A favorite strategy of mine is to make safe but infinite errors followed up with an evaluation of the experiences. With horses it’s usually a little too much or not enough combined with a little too early or a little too late.

In the following weeks I will take each bullet point listed above and break them down as they relate to me.  I challenge you do to the same as you think they pertain to yourself and your situations, allowing us to compare answers week by week.

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