What Does It Mean To Refine?


Refinement to me means that what you are doing is 100% correct, only moving forward from the point that you are currently at, leaving no room for improvement on your past life and actions taken in it. Redifine to me means excepting the imperfections of your past, always looking to improve upon them, or at least question them, otherwise you might be refining the wrong answer in your head instead of exploring to become closer to the correct answer. For example I always find myself questioning the way I go about a horse, is there a way to accomplish more by doing less? I have found that to get to the next level you have to dig deeper and redefine everything about yourself, not only reflecting on your horsemanship, but on your life, past and present. You must break down your past and present to figure out where there is room for improvement, and once the need for improvement is identified, you must take action to redefine your future.

This reflective journey into my own past has made evident many improvements that need to be made and made constantly, but it also has brought to my attention the fact that there is more and more room to relate to everyone. Digging deep into my past journeys, I find out why I do what I do or why I did what I did in particular situations. Essentially, we all have our struggles, whether they are deep within or reflected outwardly in what we do. There is a reason for all of our actions and thoughts, but trying to understand them is the first step towards accepting ourselves for who we are. Ultimately, this allows us to relate to everyone in this world through those struggles within and to start to redefine them into someone better. Like I have come to tell myself and many others lately, there is nothing wrong with you as you were and as you are, but there is always room for growth and love. I’m not even sure what that all means, but I feel as if everyone can relate to it, and it makes me feel better just to say it, if only to myself.

Dig deep into your past. Dig deep in yourself to find moments of comfort, awkwardness, fear, overexcitement, etc. and try to break them down and understand them better. I hope you will find the ability to relate to everyone else or perhaps relate to every horse; they are only doing what they know and to the best of their ability as they know it. Just take a step back and put yourself in their shoes to understand what they do and why they do it, and what you should find after a long search within yourself is a deep sense of struggle. We all experience it whether we are rich or poor, athletic or uncoordinated, overjoyed or depressed. The question is what are you going to do to help others and yourself. The choice is yours and only yours. Can you do what it takes to motivate yourself to take action for a greater purpose? These are just questions that are rolling around in my head every day. Can I do what it takes? As long as I have not given up on self improvement, these questions will linger with me forever. My great fear is that I will give up on myself and let everyone else down, and I feel a very heavy pressure because of this. What do you feel? What’s your greatest struggle, smallest struggle?

Reflect on the past to gain presence of mind in the present while working towards being the best you can be in order to help others. So are you merely looking to refine yourself or redefine the life of others? I hope I can tell you someday that I redefined the life of others by first being able to understand and grow myself, but until that day all I can do is try to relate to everyone else. Try, Choice, and Questions are all I have to give as of now.

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