Trying to Find Balance Between Confidence and Doubt.

In my journey, I have found myself constantly battling for a healthy balance between confidence  and doubt. The fine line between the two is drawn from belief or questioning, for if you start to fade too much into either of the extremes, you start truly believing in your confidence or doubt. If you become devoured by either side, you risk losing touch with reality and ultimately your self-progression. On the other hand, if you can consciously question the extremes, instead of truly believing in them, a balance between the two can be maintained. The balance will never be a permanent state, but rather a continual progression to try to stay closer and closer to the center line between confidence and doubt.

If you start believing in your confidence, you start to think that you can do no wrong. This will lead you down a path of self absorption and arrogance. You will truly start to believe that you have arrived at the pinnacle and that you need not improve yourself any more. This could cause you to start looking down on people rather than relate to them, ultimately taking you to a state of regression instead of progression.

By questioning your confidence, a balance can be found and refined over time. By asking yourself “Could I have done better,” you will be able to refine yourself continually without getting lost in self-confidence. Without questioning, you couldn’t reflect on what you’ve done and learn what you could have been doing differently to better any situation.

Doubt is just as dangerous as confidence if you start believing in it. Starting to believe in doubt can make you feel as though everything you do is wrong – wrong to the point that you believe there is something wrong with you as a human being that can’t be overcome. You might start to accept doubt and head into a deep inner depression or feel as though you will never be good enough, or become good enough, in your own eyes as well as in the eyes of others. Ultimately, you may end up giving up on yourself or giving in to others.

By questioning your doubt, you’re admitting that what you are doing is not perfect and may never be, but that there is room for growth. You’re recognizing that you may be far from mastery, but you’re also understanding that you may feel incompetent or be looked at as incompetent by others along your journey. You’re making room for self-assurance by making mistakes along the way without worrying what others may think or what you might doubt in yourself. You’re taking a situation in which you failed and learning from it. You know that someday, through deliberate and consistent practice, you will overcome others and yourself.

Being able to question both sides of the spectrum, you will be consumed by neither Confidence nor Doubt. You can use a little doubt to keep you humble and focused on the bigger picture, while also using confidence to overcome defeat and to accept failure without becoming consumed by the doubts of defeat. In all that you do, be sure to question it forever, for the day you stop doing so, a little piece inside of you dies that will probably never be attainable again.

Try to work at finding your balance between the two through questioning and awareness. Try to become conscious of both confidence and doubt in your mind as they show up during your daily life. Use those moments to question yourself and to learn how to refine yourself. In the words of the greats, Observe, Remember, Compare, and Adjust.

I feel the need to add “Repeat” to make sure that we all keep questioning ourselves in our journeys, hoping someday just to get a taste of what the greats were feasting on every day of their lives. I hope you envision me merely as a student of life, sought through the horse, and nothing more. I don’t consider myself a credible source or someone to look up to. I only hope for others to get some value from my struggles so that they might bypass them a little easier than I have. If nothing else, I may act as just another person to relate to in the struggles of life. To me, the Greats have been and still are setting the precedent, so look no further than them for the TRUTH.

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