What Makes The Ranch


What makes the ranch such a special place?  You know, there’s something deeply unique about a place where there are guests that have been returning for over 50 years in a row or guests returning after 30 years had passed since there one visit when they were only 6 years of age.    How is this possible, well the ranch has the ability to create an addiction to an atmosphere through three factors; being the people, animals, and the land.  Leading the individuals who visit, to a certain clarity that was missing where they otherwise reside.

The most straight forward of the three factors would have to be the land, because the other two factors have to many variables that are far from the words that I am going to try to put to them.  When I say the land is straightforward, please don’t mistake that for mediocrity.  The ranch is surrounded by some of the most gorgeous mountainous peaks known to the west, countless ambient springs and creeks around every turn, and a variety of vegetation from the trees to the wild flowers that never induce any eyes to boredom.  The climate never stops changing, with some of the most beautiful clouds and thunderstorms you will ever witness.  Finally, the sunrises and sunsets can stop one from any task at hand to place their soul into a state of total euphoria where time itself stands still.  Whether a person is from the city or from the country, the environment here has a way of relaxing people to a certain place of clarity and gratitude for the moments presented.

Now take the extreme beauty of the environment and couple it with the animals around the ranch.   This creates little harmonious moments in which one stops to reflect on how lucky they are.  Not just lucky to be at the ranch, but thankful for the opportunities that have progressed them to this very point of their life, knowing of the less fortunate out there that may never experience such moments.   These moments are created by the wildlife that are indigenous to the area along with the 200 horses the ranch keeps on property year round.


The wildlife on ranch far surpasses the word majestic, offering a vast variety of creatures such as; bears, elk, moose, coyotes, antelope, badgers, eagles, trout, beavers, ospreys, and hundreds  of other species.  The wildlife is very predominant in the areas of the ranch so whether your horseback riding, hiking, biking, or driving the encounters are spontaneously frequent.  Every now and then you may be fortunate to come up on a herd of 100 – 200 elk, a huge bull moose, or my personal favorite the mothers with their offspring.  Unless it happened to be a momma bear with its little bear, if you know what I’m saying.  There is something about observing the wildlife in its natural habitat that puts a person into perspective of the bigger picture of life, ultimately giving them a sense of peace.

If the wildlife doesn’t do it for you, the herd of 200 horses will definitely leave an everlasting memory in your mind.  If you don’t believe me close your eyes and imagine 200 horses stampeding through the woods, the creeks, and the vast open meadows coming in and out of pasture every single day.  Imagine 200 horses at a full lope, bucking and kicking, completely free without any hindrances.  The wrangles are the most beautiful asset to the ranch.

On top of watching the herd go in and out to pasture, a person may spend a whole week learning how to communicate with their horse or possibly just becoming more aware of the horses being.  During this process the true magic appears where a person forms a potential life long bond with their horse.  By interacting with horses, one can let go of all their potential problems.  The horse can fill any void of the human, in return for some sort of truthful connection between the two.  The horse will share any trouble, insecurity, or sorrow with a person in a time of need.  Between the special bond that connects two or the freedom felt from watching the wrangles, the horse is always ready to share the experience with anyone if a person is ready to share a little something with them.


The last segment is dedicated to the people who make the ranch.  The people that perfect the ranch experience have a laid back genuine respect and care for all things, especially people.  The visitors of the ranch don’t want to be greeted by some up tight, suit and tie professional who is forced to care about the guests, only providing the services because it is their professional duty.  They want to be greeted by a down to earth, respectful person who genuinely cares for each individual they meet because it is how they were raised, its what they truly believe in, and its a way of life.  The visitors of the ranch don’t want to be part of a “professional” atmosphere where pranks/jokes aren’t encouraged or a “professional” atmosphere where instead of genuinely caring for a person, you are serving them as a servant being told to do so.  That’s not what makes the ranch, it’s the people who are the ranch that make the ranch.  You can’t make a person into the ranch, it has to be a predisposed sense of pride deep with in a person.

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With the trifecta the ranch offers up, its clear to see why one could come back to the ranch for a 100 years in a row.  With the jaw dropping environment, the abundant interactions with the wildlife/horses, and the genuine people who are the ranch anyone can see how the addiction is created.  With all the factors joined together it brings people together in an atmosphere where everyone is on the some wavelength.  Simply meaning everyone comes to the ranch to let loose in the company of others who all genuinely care for each other, allowing everyone to let down their guard and truly be themselves in a relaxed environment.  Ultimately bringing out the very best of every person while they are here.

This is only my opinion, as of now, so feel free to comment on my page to tell me what you might think makes a place like this become an addiction.  If you would like to here some personal accounts to these moments that I speak of please ask, I didn’t want to add them for this would have become a novel in itself.  Added a few more photos than usual to help you get a bit of perspective on what I am fortunate enough to be a part of everyday.  Hope you enjoy, thanks.



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