The horse makes you reflect on everything from the moments dealing with the horse at hand, to every horse you have ever dealt with. Going back through the actions taken with past horses and the moments where you wish you could go back and redo it based on what you have learned. After reflecting on all the past horses you start to look at yourself; your timing, process, and other mishaps. Ultimately starting to form a outline for particular horses, knowing what to do with them just by watching them.

The one thing that I have really started to realize is that horses make you question everything about yourself. Always questioning you as if to make sure you are 100% confident in what your doing. Not only with them, but in everything in your life. I often find myself, after learning moments from such horses, that I reflect upon my whole life and how I have went about everything. Sometimes second guessing the way I act, think, move, and go about my daily life. Ultimately either reassuring what I think is right is right, or changing what I think is incorrect. Little by little as I progress, based on these moments, so does my horsemanship.

In the end its all about the progression of the human, because the horse is perfect to begin with. I often think of it as humanship, rather then horsemanship. Reflecting first on my actions and what I needed to do differently to avoid any issues, rather then causing an issue based on my personal state. For me it usually boils down to patience and situational awareness.

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