Horseman’s Intention


My main objective is to help others solve their horse problems. In helping you solve these horse problems, my ultimate goal would be to positively influence your personal life through horsemanship. Saying this only because of the change that I have personally experienced through horses. Based on your needs I can go back through time, telling you about horses in which I have experienced the problems you speak of and personalize a plan to overcome the obstacles ahead of you. Between horsemanship questions and personal level questions feel free to leave comments on my blog, facebook, google+, or email.


My hopes for this blog is to learn more from you, then you learn from me.  Communicating through these horse issues together will be extremely beneficial for me in a sense of helping communicate with others down the road.  Finding new ways to word the same events taking place to help others and help me understand the minds of horses and people a little better.  Eventually finding better ways to communicate both of them more seamlessly together.


I don’t want anyone to think I am an expert like some others out there, because I know that I am not.  I have seen some really handy people, knowing of many before me, that I can only hope to understand horses and people the way they did.  They truly had a grasp on reality in which I can only hope to scratch the surface of in their regards.  I love what I do and hopefully working forward a little bit each day, always trying to enjoy the journey.

One thought on “Horseman’s Intention

  1. Hi Tyler: The Problem I have is that my horse does not like to lead when we go on trail rides. All she wants to do is follow the lead mare.


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